It really doesn’t have to be this way though…as an HR professional, one should be mindful that yes, you are playing a balancing act in the organization. The Role of HR is really the go-between person where it’s a win win situation for both the employer and the employee. That person should be smooth and sharp; or should I say, allowed to be smooth and sharp, well versed in HR policies and procedures, a “lawyer” for sure in order to arrive at the best interests of both employee and employer. Utopia perhaps?

Why oh why, do most employees in particular NOT trust HR personnel, and interestingly enough, the senior management of the organization does NOT trust HR personnel to make the best and ultimately the right decisions on their behalf!!! Hark…the word “Trust” is glaring out at us …up in this joint!!!

If there actually is a “one off” HR professional who dares to try to create this balance and gain some level of trust between the two entities, that person is silenced via the following methods:

  • Promotion…where the bully of the class is given responsibility of the class monitor, so he/she may no longer “rage against the system” cause he/she is one of us (management), so will cause them to be on our (management’s) side
  • Demotion …not technically, as they can’t touch your job, unless policy warrants it or you’re on contract…but, we can strip you of active responsibility, sort of the opposite of above (well, duhhhh!!!). This is where your brain chips in to realize that you are being downsized, no longer a game changer or a change agent, to use the professional term, and anything will and can be used against you in the court of law
  • Ostracism and Ridicule … where you are declared the class clown and no one takes you seriously, and your words are seen as baseless. You stand up in a staff meeting and whatever you say is glibly and deftly swept under the carpet, which remains intact, until years after when the carpet is removed (usually by then the damage is that great). Or…you stand up in a staff meeting and your first statement/paragraph is treated with ridicule and responses such as “you’re being overly dramatic; really though?” So you lose credibility, which augers well for senior management

There are others, but the above represents the main weapons of the HR individual destruction. Sighhhhhhh…sounds helpless doesn’t it? The phrase “Everything is temporary” is overused yes, but it is a fact one can stand on, for sure, especially in an organization. After all, an organization is made up of people, and people eventually go, one way or another. One …way…or…another… That’s how it is…inna de Gov-a-ment Yaad


Author: hrgovamentyaad

A Human Resources trained and experienced Professional who is passionate about HR operations and People Development... and is just tired of de crap!!! Hopefully writing about it will ease the pain in my heart and mind about what happens in HR Gov-A-Ment Yaad.

7 thoughts on “SILENCE!!! IN DIS JOINT…”

  1. Yessssssssss!!!! I am in total agreement with this post. Persons need to understand that they are not above and beyond anyone else. HR, being like the foundation of the organizations needs to go back to the drawing board with their Unprofessionalism cause dem nuh really ready. GOVAMENT YAAD need some proper check up.


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